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Live Saltwater Amphipods-

There are many benefits to feeding live saltwater fish food. Our live fish food for sale is an excellent choice for feeding saltwater fish, invertebrates and more. The case that the fish food is live gives a healthy and natural approach to feeding saltwater inhabitants (especially if wild caught). Amphipods and copepods are the food source of a huge majority of animals in the ocean. The amphipods and copepods for sale at royalreefs.com offer an enormous nutritional and natural meal to your saltwater fish and invertebrates that they would eat in their natural environment.

Why Live Fish Food-

By giving saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates live fish food to eat it is not only good for their diets, but it stimulates their activity and can be a large part of their overall fish health. It is a part of their natural characteristic to hunt. Keep in mind not feeding live fish food takes away their instinct which consists of eating and HUNTING. If you want your saltwater inhabitants to have a healthy diet and lifestyle live fish food is a occasional necessity.