Stony corals of the division Scleractinia, make their own body structures of a hard skeleton. Each stony coral has a cylinder shaped body that hold a polyp containing a mouth and tentacles, It is common to find many polyps together. Stony corals are divided into Large Polyp Stony corals and Small Polyp Stony corals and can be easily identified by the size of the polyp. Large Poly Stony corals or LPS corals for short require different lighting and waterflow than Small Polyp Stony corals, That is the principle for dividing the names into seperate classes. LPS corals are easier to maintain in the aquarium requiring less light and water flow than Small Polyp Stony corals. LPS coral are not fans of high lighting so hobbyists look toward these corals to add coloration to the lower region of an aquarium. Do not place these corals in high waterflow as they are not fond of the intensity. Shop Royalreefs for your LPS corals.