Why Live Food?

Live saltwater fish food is the best natural high protein food source for your aquarium. Live amphipods and copepods for sale at Royalreefs is what your fish and inverts eat in their natural environment. KEEP IN MIND, just like Mandarin gobies, many fish when introduced to a different environment have trouble adapting to the food source provided since it is not what they have been used to. Copepods and amphipods make your aquarium feel right at home!

Royal reefs live saltwater aquarium food is why many people come to us, actually very few sell the amphipods and copepods we sell but none compare to our quantity and quality. The portions are mainly amphipods with a low number of copepods. While the copepods are not so easy to see, our amphipods are very visible to the eye and range from 1-4mm. If you want your fish or invertebrates to carry on their instinctive ways of attaining food while keeping your fish as healthy as possible, you came to the right place.