Purchase Terms and Conditions

All of Royal Reef’s livestock is happy and healthy when shipped out. If something seems to have gone wrong, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery for refund/credit options to apply. There is no refund on shipping funds unless the carrier (FedEx or USPS) failed to deliver on time and has refunded Royal Reefs for the time delay. Please allow any refunds 2-3 business days to have funds appear back in your account. Royal Reefs highly recommends products to reefers with at least intermediate experience for we are not responsible for any errors in general care or acclimation. General care includes the following: water chemistry, water temperature, over/under lighting, water flow, or animal compatibility). Royal Reefs has handling times of 4 business days but has the right to hold a package up to one week due to extreme weather or animal stress/health conditions. No return of any live animals are accepted.

Refund/Credit Policy

Royal Reefs must be notified of any D.O.A.(dead on arrival) animals within the first 24 hours of delivery with attached images of DOA items for this policy to apply. Shipping cost are not refundable, for this policy only applies for the cost of the livestock/products. Policy applies differently to each shipping method.

FedEx Overnight Shipping (Standard or Priority) will receive 100% full refund or credit on products that are D.O.A. This method is highly recommended for ALL live animals. For corals, WYSIWYG, and fish this is the only method you will be given to ship your package due to stress levels.

FedEx 2-day will receive 50% refund when shipping live animals, anything other than overnight is obviously a risk the buyer is willing to take. Only live plants and live fish food will have 100% refund when using this shipping method.

Track Your Package

Tracking your package from Royal Reefs makes it quick and easy. Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an email clarifying that your funds have been accepted and your order has been officially placed. Within the handling time, your package will soon be shipped out. Once package has been boxed and the label has been posted, you will then receive your tracking number in a separate message to the same email address. You then can go to your shipping provider’s website (FedEx.Com or USPS.Com) and enter your tracking data there, allowing them to give you step by step delivery times. Please be aware that a proper email address must be given during the checkout process or these emails will be rejected back, giving you no visual on your package. If any questions arise feel more than welcome to contact us!

Can’t find the answer your looking for? Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.