Ursela 1-2 Polyps

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A Collectors Coral

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The long and curly extension on the skirt is not common in many Zoanthids. This Coral frag for sale is one of our high end unique corals that collectors look for. Even when this coral is closed it is easy to see the depth of color around its platform.

Zoanthids are commonly kept in the aquarium world a variety of reasons. The most popular reason is simply that they are not very difficult to maintain while at the same time adding a beautiful array of striking colors and patterns to any saltwater environment.


Feeding is not a daunting task either. Zoanthids and Palythoas use photosynthesis and free floating plankton in the water to feed. They also eat meaty foods which aquarists occasionally target feed to ensure optimum nutrition for their aquarium family. Royal Reefs provides live food of many sorts to feed picky corals, Fish and Invertebrates.


Zoanthids do not yearn for intense lighting. Medium Lighting is what they like. As the Aquarium hobby continues to grow you may learn that lighting options for the aquarium have changed and may continue to change as technology increases. Some might think that the lighting you choose may not have a big difference on the health of your corals but please keep in mind that lighting provides very important energy to photosynthetic corals, Anemones, Plants and more. Opinions may differ in regards to what lighting is best for Zoanthids, However Royal Reefs has had much success over the years with metal halides mixed with actinic lights. Always place low to middle of light column.


Propagating Zoanthids has been very successful for many hobbyists and are of the best in regards to aquaculture. Royal Reefs has noticed that aqua-cultured corals do way better when fragged than corals harvested. The reason for this is that the aquacultured corals have strengthened themselves to withstand the amount of stress they go through during propagation versus a harvested coral that has never been fragged.


Zoanthids have a soft body and are affected negatively by strong water flow. Moderate water flow is what they love. Imagine walking outside to 50 mph winds, not so fun after a while right? that is how Zoanthids feel. A good rule of thumb is they need enough flow to bring free floating plankton and material by them but not too much that they can not stay comfortably open.

Why are Zoanthids Loved?

  • Easy Care
  • Coloration
  • Growth
  • Patterns
  • Aqua cultured
  • Photosynthetic