Porcelain Crab

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Porcelain crabs are stunningly proficient filter feeders.


Porcelain crabs for sale-

Our porcelain crabs for sale are amazing filter feeders. Appreciation of the porcelain crab is only maximized when seen in action. They will constantly motion these fan like arms pulling plankton, food particles and more from the water. Porcelain crabs may be held in higher quantities than other crabs since in their natural environment hundreds can cover a 1′ squared area, Although we only recommend 5 porcelain crabs per 10 gallons.

live rock is where porcelain crabs spend their time so they should have adequate liverock for housing. Although they are excellent filter feeders amazing at cycling water they should not be in aquariums with aggressive fish or invertebrates.Porcelain crabs vary from sizes of 1/2″ to 1″.