Nerite Snail

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Nerite Snails for sale- nerite snails for sale are excellent aquarium cleaners for many reasons. Nerite snails are the toughest snails for your aquarium and Amazing scavengers that graze very productively on Hair algae, Cynaobacteria, diatoms and more. Our Nerite snails for sale vary from sizes of 1/4″ to 1″ with different patterns and color variations that will surely grab your attention. Being that Nerite snails are very active snails that are always on the go, it is not rare for them to climb out of a tank with no form of lid.

Nerite snails are not a danger or concern to other aquarium inhabitants. Nerite snails are reef safe , so eating corals is of no appetite to them. A nerite snail is a great way to keep algae levels low, However it is important to know the quantity of nerite snails per gallon of water that is necessary for your aquarium.