Horseshoe Crab


Owning a horse shoe crab is like owning a living fossil!


There is much interesting things to say about the horseshoe crab. Our horseshoe crabs for sale  are excellent scavengers and professionals at aerating the sand bed. Many are intimidated by the looks of this spineless crab but they are harmless to handle other than their pointy photo receptors.

The horseshoe crab does not have red blood, instead their blood is blue due to the high amount of copper found in it. Harvested by many scientists they have become popular in many foreign countries for the elements found in their blood. Horseshoe crabs have lasted hundreds of millions of years. Horse shoe crabs come to the shore to reproduce.

In your aquarium they will not prove to be bothersome rather they stay to themselves unless they detect food. Many hobbyists get these crabs to aerate the sand bed as they spend much time in the sand.