Green Pistol Shrimp


Reef Safe Green Pistol Shrimp for sale.


The Green Pistol shrimp for sale or the big claw snapping shrimp is easily identified by its large claw. The claw of this shrimp is capable of stunning prey and produces a loud snapping sound to warn predators of its presence. To a human this snap can feel like a really hard flick to the finger and typically does not break skin but do not doubt their strength this feeling is very unpleasing.

Symbiotic relationships are formed with jawfish and gobies. This unique relationship intrigues many scientists and hobbyists to say the least. Keep in mind that these pistol shrimp are reef safe which keeps them favored among many saltwater hobbyists.

The tunnels or burrows they create are intricate and fascinating. Under rocks or structure is where these green pistol shrimp create these elaborate homes.