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Want your aquarium clean?


Who needs clean up crews?

At some point every aquarium will encounter the growth of algae, whether it be hair algae, cyanobacteria, Dinoflagellates or other algae, every aquarium is sure to experience them. To answer the question, Yes, every aquatic environment will only benefit from the presence of a clean up crew.

Now that you are aware that your fish tank can have a clean up crew it is important to do your research on what clean up crew is best for your aquatic environment. Here are some steps to finding out which clean up crew is best for you.

  1. Start by identifying algae or unwanted pests in the aquarium.
  2. Choose invertebrates that concern themselves with ridding or controlling that problem.
  3. Choose the size of your clean up crew by the gallons of water your aquarium holds.

Note: make sure the clean up crew you choose will do well with the other inhabitants in your aquarium.